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Homework Assignment

We’ll be discussing this story Tuesday night. Study up.

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Leigh and I have been looking for a house, and we’ve seen almost thirty homes in two days. I’m terrified we’ll end up with something like this: I also don’t understand why people put fireplaces in homes in San Antonio, Texas. For God’s sake, I used our heater exactly one week this year, and that […]

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A Texas Terrorist

Last Wednesday in Austin, Texas, employees at the Austin Women’s Health Center found a bag in their parking lot, which contained a cooler that anyone can buy at their local Wal-Mart. Inside that cooler they found a propane tank attached to a long piece of pipe that was filled with a couple of pounds of […]

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links for 2007-04-27

The Landlord Watch Will Ferrell’s altercation with his heartless landlord, Pearl. You can laugh at anything…even rape. Don’t believe me? Then read this story. It’s about rape, and it you aren’t laughing by the end of it then you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

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Intentional Fallacy

In literary criticism there are many schools of thought on how to interpret and analyze texts. New Criticism, a school of literary thinking that began in the early 1900’s, emphasis a “close reading” of literary texts. New Critical scholars will stress the importance of the text itself, and eschew all external elements, especially the biography […]

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links for 2007-04-26

Nunchaku News So does this mean the UK will ban nunchucks in the future? Nathan Petrelli for Congress “Welcome to the Nathan Petrelli for Congress campaign site. Through this site, you can learn about me, the issues facing our district, and how you can become a part of the campaign.” The Top 15 Trailer Remixes […]

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Why I Love Scrubs #143

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links for 2007-04-25

Headgear With Liquid I hate to say it, but this is even too nerdy for me. Oh sweet, sweet irony.

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581 c

Scientists recently discovered a planet 120 trillion miles away that they speculate may be habitable for human beings, and could very well already have some kind of life flourishing on it. They dubbed this new planet “581 c,” thus proving once again that pocket-protectors severely inhibit poetic creativity. The planet is also much closer to […]

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I Want To Disbelieve

In the August 11th, 2006 edition of Science magazine, a team of scientists led by John D. Miller published their findings of a study designed to investigate Americans’ rejection of the theory of evolution. According to a recent study, only fourteen percent of Americans, or a third of all United States citizens, believes the theory […]

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