Homegrown Revival’s Axis & Oysters Dinner–You Shoulda Been There

May 16th represented the penultimate Homegrown Revival dinner for this year. I’ve written about Homegrown Revival in the past, so I won’t retread old ground concerning art and food. I’ll just say this: The good folks from Homegrown Revival have created a wonderful community that revolves around local, sustainable foods. We need this type of […]

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Three Bad Brothers You Know So Well

I’ve always heard that people remember where they were and what they were doing when something important happens to them. The first time I heard The Beastie Boys’ album “Licensed to Ill,” I was arguing with a guy over five dollars. I had loaned a classmate (oddly enough, I don’t actually remember who) a fiver […]

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Country Mouse and Town Mouse

I’m about three-quarters of the way through Joseph J. Ellis’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Founding Brothers, and it occurred to me this morning that the political and ideological divide between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson is one that, as a country, we’re still struggling to overcome. For those of you that may have forgotten your American […]

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Hypermark -vs- Small Town High School Computer Teacher

On more than one occasion I’ve written about my hometown on this blog. Before you begin this post, you might want have a look at the “Texaspecific” section of the blog for a little primer on the interesting location that is my hometown. This post “Small Town Values” might be of particular interest. Doing so […]

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Watch Him As He Goes

So I was trying to think of something to write about the economy when I came across this article . I immediately archived my economy draft because this story is much, much more interesting. A Florida teenager was recently suspended from riding the school bus because he farted to make his bus-mates laugh, and his […]

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Thank You, Alaska

As a Texas citizen, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Alaska. In Texas, we’ve got Matthew McConaughey and the McConaughey Clan, which includes such esteemed citizens as Rooster and Miller Lyte McConaughey. Texas is also the birthplace of Jessica Simpson, and unfortunately, I have to assume that it was here, […]

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Small Town Values

  Preface: This post works best if you play Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Simple Kind of Man” while you’re reading it. There’s been a lot of talk during the silly-season of this election about “small town values,” but no one really ever stops to define what the hell those values are (probably because the folks who are […]

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I Hope This Post Finds You Well

I have something I’d like to admit: I was a very poor student. Not in college, mind you, but as a high school student, I was atrocious. I was disruptive in classes, I rarely turned in homework on time, and even worse, I encouraged my classmates to act up as well. My role as the […]

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The horror! The horror!

I fucking hate Wal-Mart. But not for the reasons you might think. I could care less that they run independent businesses out of town. It doesn’t bother me that they are probably single-handedly responsible for the demise of many American-based manufacturers. Their anti-Union policies bore me, and their support of China puts me to sleep. […]

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I’m so disgusted by what I’ve just read that a post will actually have to wait until this evening. If I were to write the post now, it would be nothing but pure, unadulterated, vitriolic hate. Texas House Bill 3678 .

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