Dark Obsession: Or How Life Keeps Tearing Down The Beliefs Of My Youth

In 1969, a twenty-eight year old Bobby Sessions met a young woman named Linda Brotherton. They had both just come out of rocky marriages, and Linda quickly fell in love with Bobby, who was flirtatious and brass–everything that her former husband hadn’t been. Linda’s previous marriage had been violent, and she was happy to be […]

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Scary Gets Real Scary

During my high school years I worked several seasons at a local haunted house. Through the month of October I worked every weekend and then the last week of the month we were open every night. I enjoyed the job, but more than scaring people I really enjoyed all the fucking crazies interesting people that […]

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My Ledge: A Father’s Day Post

My parents own a large farm, so during the summers when I was a kid I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and dad. As I’ve mentioned before, my mom and I would oftentimes go to the movies and catch a matinée, but fieldwork pretty much prevented my dad from going […]

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Leigh and I have been looking for a house, and we’ve seen almost thirty homes in two days. I’m terrified we’ll end up with something like this: I also don’t understand why people put fireplaces in homes in San Antonio, Texas. For God’s sake, I used our heater exactly one week this year, and that […]

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A Texas Terrorist

Last Wednesday in Austin, Texas, employees at the Austin Women’s Health Center found a bag in their parking lot, which contained a cooler that anyone can buy at their local Wal-Mart. Inside that cooler they found a propane tank attached to a long piece of pipe that was filled with a couple of pounds of […]

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Commies Are Everywhere

David Horowitz, a former Marxist turned neo-con political activist, has made a personal mission of revealing the “leftist” political leanings of college professors and their nefarious attempts to indoctrinate their students. I posted a link to this article, “The Two Universities of Texas,” that Mr. Horowitz had written for The Daily Texan. This is how […]

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You Say Potato, I Say Puhtater

Well, according to Gotoquiz.com I have a Southern accent. They’re geniuses. Actually, it kind of annoys me that someone can tell what accent I have without ever having heard me speak. What American accent do you have? Your Result: The South   That’s a Southern accent you’ve got there. You may love it, you may […]

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We’re All Gonna Diiiiiieeeee!

For the past few days we’ve actually had some wintery weather here in San Antonio. In fact, tonight the temperature is supposed drop down below 30 degrees, and since it’s been raining all day, there’s a very good chance that when we wake up tomorrow everything will be all icy. The cold front should be […]

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Winter Weather -or- People Who Drive Hummers Are Douche Bags

It’s seven days before Christmas. I’ve been listening to Christmas music on XM. We’ve bought presents and wrapping paper. Yesterday, I ordered the delicious, but maddeningly seasonal, peppermint mocha cappuccino at Starbucks. And it was so damn hot today that I was wearing shorts and a tank top. Seriously”¦what the hell? For the most part, […]

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The Rock Show

On Saturday night Leigh and I went to a big old rock and roll show. We saw Shinedown, Rob Zombie, and Godsmack at the Verizon Wireless theater here in San Antonio. We enjoyed Shinedown and Godsmack, but Rob Zombie was the unequivocal star of the show. Rob came out with his excellent dread-lock hair-do, giant […]

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