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Big news to share.

First and foremost, you can now find “When Wade Tried to Save the World,” and “The Adventures of Heroman: Season 1” in audiobook format in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Just hit the links below (If you buy from Amazon, you have to specifically choose the audio version. Don’t buy the print version. It’s not as fun.)


Since we’re selling our work as audiobooks, I’m removing the free versions of those stories  from The Hyperliterature Presents podcast channel.

In the future, Todd and I plan to roll out the serial versions of our podcasts through Hyperliterature Presents for free, just as we’ve done in the past. Once we’ve released the entire season, and people have had a chance to listen to it for free, we’re going to repackage them and sell them as audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. So you’ll still be able to enjoy our work for free if you listen during our normal release schedule.

Our idea is to treat the audiobook version like T.V. shows treat a DVD release. You can always watch a T.V. show for free as it airs, but if you want to keep it and watch it over and over, you have to pay for the collected DVD set, which oftentimes contains behind the scenes material and commentaires. The same will be true for our work, and we’ll try to keep the cost as low as possible.

Next, I’m pleased to announce that Todd and I finally finished up all the paperwork, and we’re now an official Texas small business. We’re calling our production company “Like Minded Lunatics,” and our goal is to help aspiring authors create their own podcasts and audiobooks. We’re currently listed as producers at ACX, which is the distributor that lists audiobooks in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, so if you know aspiring writers who would like to either self-publish their print work, or create and publish their own audiobook, send’em our way.

Lastly, if you’d be so kind, please visit and “like” the “Like Minded Lunatics” Facebook page. I promise not to spam your Facebook wall with nonsense, but it’s important for us to build up numbers. The page is kinda empty right now, but I’ll slowly build it out over the next few weeks.

We’ll have more to announce shortly, so stay tuned.




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