Highway to Hell?

Now that charges have officially been filed against Dzohkhar Tsarnaev, I’m sure that we’ll soon be overwhelmed with the many arguments regarding his future punishment. Since the federal government intends to try him for the use of a weapon of mass destruction and the malicious destruction of property resulting in a death, there’s certainly the […]

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My Reactions to Twitter Trends Regarding the Newton Shooting

Quick note: I wrote these up while watching Twitter updates on the Newton shooting. These points are my immediate, emotional responses to some of the tweets I was reading. Please treat them as such.   1. If we enact harsher gun control, then only the criminals will have guns. They don’t buy them legally, so […]

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Forget Delphi. Nate Silver’s in the House

Obviously, I’m thrilled about the election results. Obama’s clear victory meant that most of the electorate looked beyond the various attacks and saw that Obama would probably be better for our country. Definitely makes me happy. But that’s not why I’m writing this post. As elated as I am about President Obama’s resounding victory over […]

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Once More Unto the Breach

I feel like it’s time to throw my 2 cents into this current pot of societal contention. Before I get to my primary point, I need to address a few issues: 1. I’ve known about CFA’s bigoted stance for quite some time, and so did most people with whom I’m acquainted. 2. Dan Cathy’s beliefs […]

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You Know Your Shoelace is Untied?

This whole “Ground Zero” mosque is driving me mental. I really try to keep an open mind about political arguments, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to even tolerate the GOP. They have a considerable portion of our population convinced that the proposed mosque in NYC will be a towering edifice where young, […]

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Country Mouse and Town Mouse

I’m about three-quarters of the way through Joseph J. Ellis’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Founding Brothers, and it occurred to me this morning that the political and ideological divide between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson is one that, as a country, we’re still struggling to overcome. For those of you that may have forgotten your American […]

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Forget the Hearse ‘Cause I Never Die

I try to remain a calm and reasonable person. I really do. I try not to call people “fuckwits” or “idiotic shitheads.” Well, at least not to their faces. It’s hard sometimes, but I try to keep my mouth shut. For one thing, I have ulcers, so getting all worked up isn’t really that good […]

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Who’d You Vote For?

So who’re you voting for? Umm, Obama. So you’re a Democrat. Uh, no. Well, you’re voting for Obama. Technically, I already voted. And yes, I did vote for Obama. But I don’t consider myself a Democrat. Well you voted for one. Yeah, but that doesn’t make me one. Well, if you didn’t vote for McCain […]

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Political Rhetoric- Examining Palin

Last night, the GOP presented its new star, Sarah Palin, to the world at the RNC. She delivered her speech with zeal and confidence, and I’m quite sure the McCain folks feel pretty damn good about her performance. I’m also pretty sure that after watching Palin, the “always-vote-Jesus” crowd might actually do something unthinkable come […]

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Obama’s Victory Speech

Tonight Barack Obama clinched the nomination to become the democratic candidate for President of the United States.To be quite frank, I thought Barack was a little bit mean.

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