About Me

Trying to write an “About Me” page on any website can be difficult. What information should be included? What tone should be appropriated? Do the readers need to see my resume? My CV?

My approach will be two-fold. First, I’m gonna tell you a little story just to set the mood. Then, I’m going to explain the significance of the name “Hyperliterature.”

In 1979, Central Texas experienced a helluva winter storm, which, consequently, left a lot of people without power for several days. This would be maddening for a normal family, but since my parents are dairy farmers, the lack of electricity moved from the “maddeningly irritating” column right into the “financially disastrous” one. Without power, my parents couldn’t milk the cows or power the stainless steel tank that regulated the temperature of the milk.

My dad spent several frantic hours on the phone trying to track down a generator powerful enough to provide electricity to the milk barn and all the necessary equipment. Luckily he finally found one, but the generator was several hours away from our home. My mom, dad, and grandfather left me with my grandmother and headed out into the treacherously snowy weather to navigate the icy roads and pick up the generator.

All of this took place on Janurary 1st, 1979, which, unfortunately for me, was my second birthday. With my parents and my grandfather on the hunt for a generator, and the winter storm beating the hell out of Central Texas, my grandmother and I were stuck at home all by alone. That meant no birthday party for a newly two-year old me. No cake. No presents. Nothing.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me

My grandmother tried her level best to throw me a little two-person party, but without the means to drive into town we lacked decorations, cake, and party guests. But, bless her heart, my grandmother did her damnedest. She baked me a little lop-sided cake and found some left-over candles to stick on the top, and she sang me “Happy Birthday.”

Apparently, at the end of the song, I told her in my little two-year old voice that I couldn’t blow out the candles without a birthday hat. She told me she didn’t have any birthday hats. I guess I decided to improvise.

According to my grandmother, who has since passed on, I went into the other room, and when I returned, I had the cylindrical box to my ViewMaster on my head. I sat down, made a wish, and blew out my two candles.

Now let’s fast-forward.

So what about the name? Why “Hyperliterature?”

First off, I’m not using the word “hyper” in its usual sense; I’m not using it to indicate hyperactivity.

I’m using the prefix “hyper” in its original, Greek form that means “above” or “beyond,” similar to its usage in the term “hypertext.”

What this page does wouldn’t normally be classified as “literature.” In my mind, this page goes beyond literature. This page is the literature of our lives interpreted through the angle of vision of my silly little mind.

This ain’t your grandparents’ literature. It’s more than that.

It’s Hyperliterature.

So get your hat, and let’s have some fun.


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