Homegrown Revival’s Axis & Oysters Dinner–You Shoulda Been There

May 16th represented the penultimate Homegrown Revival dinner for this year. I’ve written about Homegrown Revival in the past, so I won’t retread old ground concerning art and food. I’ll just say this: The good folks from Homegrown Revival have created a wonderful community that revolves around local, sustainable foods. We need this type of […]

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The Wolf Spider Comes to Austin

Prologue: This post was intended to appear at the Fusebox Blog, but since I was late getting in written, it got lost in the shuffle. Enjoy.   Imagine you live in the Apulia region of Italy during the 1600s. Your small village rests next to the Gulf of Taranto, which is situated at the bottom […]

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Fowl Artistry

As a bit of a warm-up for the awesomeness that is The Fusebox Festival, my wife and I attended Homegrown Revival’s East Side Duck and Spring Chicken dinner on the 18th of April. If The Homegrown Revival has somehow slipped under your culinary radar, you should a) recalibrate your radar; b) visit their website and […]

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Hypercooking- BBQ Chicken Edition

Summer officially began on June 21th, but it’s been summery-hot since April here in San Antonio. Grilling and BBQing are intrinsically tied to summer, so I thought for this Hypercooking episode I’d take the camera outside. This go-round I’m covering BBQ chicken, but I also talk a bit about grill basics, BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, […]

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Hypercooking-My Favorite Marinara

Hypercooking with Mark–My Favorite Marinara

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Hypercooking-My Favorite Sandwich

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Hypercooking–Gravy Edition

I’m sorry that I had to break this episode into two parts and then upload it on two different websites. Since YouTube insists on capping videos at ten minutes, I’ll probably be uploarding exclusively to Metacafe from now on. Keep an eye out for Ellie, my little Key Grip, at the end of clip two. […]

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A Hypernote And A New Segment

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. There are two reasons for this: 1) I had to update WordPress, my blogging software, and the installation went horribly awry. After the “super-easy” WordPress automatic updater seriously borked my blog, I had to manually go into my database and change certain things, which wouldn’t have been so […]

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