Beneath the Stains of Time…

My wife and I were jogging along the Embarcadero in San Francisco when we received the news that my mom was dying. We’d booked a ferry to see Alcatraz, and a malfunctioning bus had put us way behind schedule, so we were legging it. I was out of breath and the blood pumping in my […]

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Washing the Stress Away at Ojo Caliente

Two days punishing our bodies on the exhilarating slopes at Taos ski village. Another day traversing the Rio Grande Gorge from Pilar to the Gorge Bridge on mountain bikes. Nearly 40 miles for a round-trip of muscle-straining cycling.  And finally, a day of white-water rafting the Rio Grande from Razorblades to The Box to to […]

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Hyperliterature Presents Podcasting

It’s unusual when I get truly excited about something. But here I am, jumping up and down at my new artistic venture. Two posts ago I announced that Hyperliterature would begin publishing podcasts. I am finally ready to announce that the “Hyperliterature Presents…” podcast is now available in the iTunes store. The second podcast listed […]

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Administrative Announcment

I wanted to let all my readers know that I’ve disabled the WordPress comments section. I’m getting a lot of hits lately, which is a very good thing, but along with legitimate readers, I’m also getting a lot spammers. So instead of constantly watching the comment queue and manually keeping track of things, I’ve decided to let […]

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60 in Sixty–A Tsunami of Ordered Chaos

Last night I attended Fusebox’s 60 in Sixty for the second time. That makes two years in a row, and I’m wondering how I’ve gone 30+ years without ever having been to one of these events. Before the actual 60 in Sixty performance, we attended the VIP culinary pre-performance at HOPE Market Gallery. Fusebox asked […]

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Seven Years and No Itchiness in Sight

I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe in destiny. I think the fairy-tale concept of “There’s one special person for everyone” is infantile and was propagated by the powerful (traditionally men) to subjugate the weak and powerless (traditionally women). It makes more sense to say “There are many people out there for you, and they all have […]

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The Wolf Spider Comes to Austin

Prologue: This post was intended to appear at the Fusebox Blog, but since I was late getting in written, it got lost in the shuffle. Enjoy.   Imagine you live in the Apulia region of Italy during the 1600s. Your small village rests next to the Gulf of Taranto, which is situated at the bottom […]

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Digestible Feats’ “Sweet Betrayal”

This is the blog post I wrote after having attended Disgestible Feats’s “Sweet Betrayal.” I wanted to post it here rather than on the Fusebox blog because I felt like I needed a brief prologue. This event was really spectacular, and it spoke to me deeply and on an intimate level. What most impressed me […]

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My Bleedin’ Picasso

While Leigh and I were in Las Vegas last month, we stopped by Centaur Art Galleries, which is something we try to do anytime we’re in Sin City. Up until this year we’ve been able to refrain from actually purchasing anything. This year they got us. Big time. Here’s our Picasso. Be sure to click […]

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Top O’ The Morning To Ya

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, the greatest drinking holiday of the year, I’d like to discuss inhibitions for a bit. I’m sure most, if not all of us, have either heard or used the phrase “alcohol lowers your inhibitions.” This phrase is common to the point of cliche, but like most cliches, euphemisms, and […]

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