I realize I’m a day late in posting my final thoughts on our trip. I’m probably a dollar short, too. Better late than never, I suppose. I have no idea why I just used two idioms in the span of three sentences. Probably boatlag. Okay. Cruise. Final thoughts. Leigh and I thoroughly enjoyed our cruise, […]

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Last Day Blues

Today was our last day of the cruise. We should arrive in Galveston sometime tomorrow morning around 6:30, and hopefully we’ll be able to get off the ship and through customs before 8:00AM. I’ll post final thoughts about the cruise tomorrow night. To be concluded…

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Tulum And More Dumbass Americans

Still cruisin’, but we only have one more full day at sea. We dock at Galveston on Sunday. This will be a relatively short post because I haven’t showered yet, we have dinner in an hour, and frankly, I’m freaking exhausted. We arrived at Cozumel this morning around 9:30. Leigh and I had booked an […]

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Grand Cayman and Dumbass Americans

Still cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’. We spent all day yesterday in Jamaica, and we arrived at Grand Cayman this morning around seven o’clock. Since a coral reef surrounds the Grand Cayman Island, large cruise ships cannot dock at the port. We dropped anchor in the middle of the bay, approximately half a mile from the dock, […]

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Jamaica Mon

I realize I didn’t post last night. We were slightly dazed all day and all night because of the art auction. I wrote in the last post that I wasn’t going to drink, since I was scared I might get a little bid-happy if I imbibed during the auction. In hindsight, maybe I should have […]

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Burned Feet and Hairy Backs

This will be a short post because it’s almost one o’clock as I’m typing this, and I’m debilitatingly groggy. Too much sun””too much wine. Mark needs sleepy time. I believe I made mention in the last post of a hairy, middle-eastern man who was shedding in the swimming pools. Well, this afternoon Carnival held a […]

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Bon Voyage

This afternoon at 4:00, Leigh and I departed from Galveston, Texas on the Carnival cruise ship The Conquest. As I’m writing this, we’re in the Gulf of Mexico, several hundred miles from Galveston. On Wednesday, we’ll make a stop in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This is our first cruise, and it’s a little odd. Neither of […]

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Be Mine

Ellie is looking for a Valentine’s Day date. She’s got stuffed animals, wine, and a lovely red rose to present to her suitor. Any takers?

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It’s A Dirty Job But Someone’s Gotta Do It

As an instructor, I’m going to go ahead and admit something that a lot of folks in the education system don’t have the courage to come out and say: Not everyone needs to go to college. There. I said it. For some reason we, the American society, have venerated collegiate life and devalued more traditional […]

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This Makes More Sense Than You Do

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