Burned Feet and Hairy Backs

This will be a short post because it’s almost one o’clock as I’m typing this, and I’m debilitatingly groggy. Too much sun””too much wine. Mark needs sleepy time.

I believe I made mention in the last post of a hairy, middle-eastern man who was shedding in the swimming pools. Well, this afternoon Carnival held a “hairiest chest” contest and guess who won? That’s right. The same gentleman who was turning in the pool into a hairappuccino. If they hold a “hairiest back” contest tomorrow, I know who’s going to win that one, too.

We stayed out by the pool for most of the day today. Since my skin color is pretty much translucent, I applied prodigious amounts of sunscreen. Except, sadly, on the tops of my feet. So now it hurts to put on socks. Yay for me.

Tonight was one of the two formal dinners the ship holds during the cruise. I had prime rib and Leigh had the lobster with shrimp. Ain’t we cute?

Tomorrow we’re going to an art auction, but don’t worry, I’m going to abstain from any and all alcohol consumption before and during the event. I don’t like to lose a bidding war when I’m sober, and I’d hate to get a little tipsy and find out several hours later that I’d “won” an original Picasso.

More to come”¦

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One thought on “Burned Feet and Hairy Backs

  1. Glad to see you’re having fun! The hairy pool sounds delightful.

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