Hyperliterature Presents Podcasting

It’s unusual when I get truly excited about something. But here I am, jumping up and down at my new artistic venture.

Two posts ago I announced that Hyperliterature would begin publishing podcasts. I am finally ready to announce that the “Hyperliterature Presents…” podcast is now available in the iTunes store. The second podcast listed is truly the first episode, as the first one I posted was really nothing more than a test podcast.

I intend to post a variety of podcasting material. For the time being, I’ll simply follow the categories on the blog.

Hyperliterature Presents Tales from the G.A.M.

This is a new addition to the blog categories. These podcasts will feature people with whom I grew up in Gholson and Aquilla, Texas. G.A.M. stands for Gholson Aquilla Metroplex, and in these podcasts, we will tell stories about growing up in small Texas towns. The content will be debauched, juvenile, puerile, and, depending on your sense of humor, hilarious. Again, these will be totally debauched. You’ve been warned.

There are already two “Tales from the G.A.M.” listed in my iTunes channel. The first is really just a test podcast, but the second is a full episode. Again, the material is 18+ on those.

Hyperliterature Presents The Homegrown Revival

In these podcasts I’ll host discussions with various members of The Homegrown Revival Team. We’ll cover things like the importance of eating local food, the sustainability of monocropping, the food scene in Austin, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Hyperliterature Presents Blogging

These will simply be audio versions of past blog posts.

Hyperliterature Presents Teaching

In these podcasts I’ll host discussions with some of my colleagues at The University of Texas, Trinity University, Texas high schools and beyond. We’ll talk about education, the college readiness of today’s high schoolers, and I’m hoping my colleagues will feel comfortable sharing some of their funnier stories.

Hyperliterature Presents Nerdology

I have to be careful with this one. If I’m careless, these podcasts will morph in to a rip-off of Chris Hardwick’s excellent podcast The Nerdist. We’ll discuss nerd culture in all its glory, and we’ll address things like gaming, films, comics, and any other nerdy venture we identify.

These are the podcasts I have planned, but I fully intend to offer additional content in the future. So do me a favor: subscribe to the podcast and share the channel with as many people as you can. Help me climb the iTunes charts, will ya?

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