Hypercooking–Gravy Edition

I’m sorry that I had to break this episode into two parts and then upload it on two different websites. Since YouTube insists on capping videos at ten minutes, I’ll probably be uploarding exclusively to Metacafe from now on.

Keep an eye out for Ellie, my little Key Grip, at the end of clip two. She just waltzed right through my shot. So unprofessional.

Hypercooking with Mark–Gravy EditionThe best free videos are right here

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2 thoughts on “Hypercooking–Gravy Edition

  1. Labrador retrievers are much more professional than beagles. You’re rereading Paradise Lost? What a good idea!

  2. Flood

    The first time that I tried to make gravy, I accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour. I kept stirring and stirring waiting for the liquid to thicken. I kept adding powdered sugar hoping just a little more would do the trick. Yep, that gravy sucked. It is amazing how much powdered sugar and flour look alike when you take them out of their clearly labeled packages and place them in indistinguishable jars.

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