A Hypernote And A New Segment

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. There are two reasons for this: 1) I had to update WordPress, my blogging software, and the installation went horribly awry. After the “super-easy” WordPress automatic updater seriously borked my blog, I had to manually go into my database and change certain things, which wouldn’t have been so bad if this were 1998 and I was still studying computer programming. 2) I was being lazy.

Also, I felt my whole “blog-persona” shtick was getting a little stale. It also got a little disconcerting after I met people who had formerly only known me via my blog, and they said that I wasn’t quite as angry in real life as they had imagined me.

But before I get to the upcoming high-concept addition to the blog, I’d like to explain the “hyper” in the name of the blog and my internet username. When I started this blog I was in grad school, and I wanted a place to share information with my fellow students. I added the “hyper” to “literature” because I was using the prefix in its original usage of “above and beyond” or “excessive.” I could have just as easily said “Beyond-literature,” but that just didn’t have the same ring.

I eventually started using the prefix with everything I did online, and now it’s become somewhat ubiquitous to my net-presence. But, and this is what I want to clear up, the “Hyper” in “Hypermark” doesn’t suggest that I am anxious or overexcited. It simply means that the “Hypermark” of the interenets is something above and beyond the flesh and blood me.

Hope that clears things up. Now, onto the announcement.

I’ve decided to add a recurring video segment to the blog. When I was brainstorming on what to add to the blog, I tried to come up with a way to combine my blogging duties, my love of cooking, and my overinflated sense of worth. I eventually decided to create a video segment that I non-ironically titled “Hypercooking with Mark.”

Calm down. It’s not as idiotic as it sounds.

Well, maybe it is, but the video was fun to shoot and cut. The first episode is how to buy and store fish. Let me know what you think:

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One thought on “A Hypernote And A New Segment

  1. Funny and informative. You need to teach Ellie to applaud.

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