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Yesterday in southern New Jersey, a yet-to-be identified person used the Walmart P.A. system to make this announcement: “Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now.” Predictably, people are quite upset about this. The black community is calling for Walmart to apologize, the Walmart manager is claiming he has no idea who made […]

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What’s Pissing Me Off Now?

Since last night’s Daily Show was a rerun, I took the free thirty minute period to write up a “What’s Pissing Me Off Now?” post. So, what’s pissing me off, you may ask? 1. Sexting pisses me off. You say don’t know what “sexting” is? Well, sexting is a portmanteau of “sex” and “texting,” and […]

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Watch Him As He Goes

So I was trying to think of something to write about the economy when I came across this article . I immediately archived my economy draft because this story is much, much more interesting. A Florida teenager was recently suspended from riding the school bus because he farted to make his bus-mates laugh, and his […]

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Anyone familiar with this blog will know right off the bat that I’m a vicious proponent of liberty. I view defending my, and your, personal liberty and right to privacy as a sacred duty, and I will stand guard against the tyranny of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, and damn-near any other -ism that pokes its nose […]

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Privy Information

As much as I love technology, I’ve never really been one of the book-alarmists that’s concerned about some technological innovation making the book format obsolete. There are just certain things that books are really good at that handheld devices aren’t. To begin with, books look impressive and awesomely elitist when they’re stacked neatly on a […]

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AST and then ATM…DVDA? TD!

For a male who doesn’t like football, this time of the year totally sucks. To be frank, I didn’t even realize this last weekend was the Super Bowl until Sunday morning. I was bitching because there were so many people at the mid-morning church service, and Leigh reminded me that they probably wanted to get […]

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Thank You, Alaska

As a Texas citizen, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Alaska. In Texas, we’ve got Matthew McConaughey and the McConaughey Clan, which includes such esteemed citizens as Rooster and Miller Lyte McConaughey. Texas is also the birthplace of Jessica Simpson, and unfortunately, I have to assume that it was here, […]

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One-Trick Ponies

Today while reading the comments in a forum about the “Transformers” sequel, I ran across one poster who seemed to think that the mere fact that Megan Fox would appear in the new movie justified actually paying for, and sitting through, another Micheal Bay atrocity. This guy wasn’t alone, either. There were many other posters […]

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Good Judgments

“I don’t have kids, but if I did I’d never allow them to….” “I seriously can’t believe Bush is President. I mean, I don’t vote, but he’s the absolute worst…” “You see that lady? Yeah, her. She’s got a dog, and it’s the most ill-behaved creature I’ve ever seen. Well, I don’t have dogs, but […]

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You Have TP?

This video made my inner-Beavis sit up and say ehehehehehehehehehehehmmm:

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