A Texas Terrorist

Last Wednesday in Austin, Texas, employees at the Austin Women’s Health Center found a bag in their parking lot, which contained a cooler that anyone can buy at their local Wal-Mart. Inside that cooler they found a propane tank attached to a long piece of pipe that was filled with a couple of pounds of nails. A timer was attached to the pipe, and potassium nitrate, which is used to make gunpowder, and sugar, had been combined to produce a fuel sufficient enough to produce a blast capable of covering a one hundred foot radius.

I-35 was shut down, the Health Center was evacuated, and the bomb was deactivated safely. Thankfully, no one was injured.

This is less than an hour away from me, folks. Scary.

Police have arrested and charged Paul Ross Evans with the crime. Peliminary FBI investigation has shown that Evans charged the materials used in assembling the bomb at a local Wal-Mart, and a Wal-Mart employee has corroborated with that evidence.

Here’s the Austin Statesman’s story.

This, my friends, is terrorism. Now, if this man had been a dark-skinned Muslim I’m pretty sure that authorities would have rounded up all radical, and probably non-radical, Muslims in the Austin area for questioning. The authorities would have scrutinized every Islamic group in Austin, and they would have focused heavily on those groups that had ever made any violent remarks, regardless if those groups were associated with the bomber.

What do you want to bet that groups in Austin that have made violent remarks towards abortion clinics won’t be investigated in the same manner? I’ve heard and read some violently disgusting things come out of the mouths of “Christian” groups here in Texas in regards to abortion clinics and the people that work in them, but dollars to donuts those people won’t have to answer question one.

We’ll chalk this guy up to a lone crazy, and go on about our business.

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  1. Flood

    This reminds me of a conversation. I feel violated

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