Leigh and I have been looking for a house, and we’ve seen almost thirty homes in two days. I’m terrified we’ll end up with something like this:

I also don’t understand why people put fireplaces in homes in San Antonio, Texas. For God’s sake, I used our heater exactly one week this year, and that was mainly because I didn’t want the pipes to freeze. Most homes have a fireplace as the center piece of the living room. Don’t people know that location should be reserved for the 60 inch plasma screen? What are we, cavemen? I have no desire to build a fire in the middle of my home. It’s called central heat and air, people. This is the 21st century. Come…enjoy our technological luxuries.

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  1. Anniina says:

    Yeah. I’m living that. A fireplace isn’t too hard to remove – you leave the flu there, smash out the bricks with a huge-ass sledgehammer, and board and paint. But easier, if you buy one without. On the other, hand, you might consider a flat screen above, and keep fireplace even if you never use it yourself, for resale value.

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