I, Biscuit

In this podcast, Hyperliterature Presents “I, Biscuit,” which is the audio version of a short story I wrote several months ago. You can download it from iTunes here. This short story was inspired by a couple of things. First, it’s obviously a play on Isaac Asimov’s classic I, Robot, and the story does make use of Asimov’s […]

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I Biscuit

Higgins awoke to the sound of someone pounding angrily on his office door. He scratched his head, and he rubbed his eyes in a vain attempt to chase away the hangover plaguing him. The hangover was so bad his head felt swollen. Inflated, even. Like a big balloon. He wondered if it was possible for […]

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Too Much With Us

The alarm clock sounded boldly, with no apparent consideration for the abrupt way it woke up the man in bed. The “eee-eee-eee” echoed and rebounded around the room for nearly half a minute before he grew irritated enough to unceremoniously sling his arm through the air in a wide arc that ended in a vicious […]

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Temet Nosce – The Finale

Make sure you’ve read parts I, II, & III. Thankfully, he wasn’t nearly as aggressive as last time, but he did look exhausted. Or worn out. I wasn’t sure what was different, but he definitely lacked the intensity of the last visit. “You’ve been following my advice pretty well,” he said. I had to admit, […]

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Temet Nosce – Part Three The Penultimate Chapter

Make sure you read Part I and II first. I couldn’t believe the size of the older me. He only stood about four inches taller, but his body looked huge. I just stared. I finally asked if him if he would take off his shirt, and with a sigh, he did. I ran my fingers […]

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Having Said That, That’s An Argument Worth Having

Because I’m a writing instructor, I probably harbor more than the average number of language irritants. I’m not really talking about grammar and mechanics here. I’m mainly addressing how people actually use our language. For example, the introductory phrase “Having said that” has gotten quite popular for some reason. I’m hearing and seeing it more […]

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Temet Nosce- Part Two (when shit gets real)

When I turned ten, I remember thinking that I should go back in time and visit the other me that was turning five. I remembered how cool it was when it had happened the first time. So I did, and when I got back, I was waiting for me. To be precise, the fifteen year […]

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Temet Nosce- Part One

Two weeks ago, on my twenty-fifth birthday, I went back in time and visited myself on my twentieth birthday. I’ve been visiting myself on my birthday in five year intervals since I turned five. That’s when this whole thing started. Fifth birthday. The meetings of self, I call’em. But as experience has taught me, there […]

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Dissonance–A Short Story

Bobby watched the bugs smash against his windshield one after the other, and each “KUSPLUTCH” they made as they exploded on his windshield was more satisfying than the last. He liked the way they sounded crunchy and liquidy all at the same time. Like his momma eating Frosted Flakes. He waited until he could barely […]

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Pictorial Inspiration

When I’m out in public and bored, I like to invent stories about people I see. I usually do this most often at places like Michael’s, which Leigh loves but is like kryptonite, or when I’m at a restaurant by myself. This morning, I came across a photo online, and for some reason I found […]

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