Drain the Swamp

“Drain the Swamp” might be one of the dumbest idiomatic phrases of this abominable administration, and that’s saying a lot. So I tried to tackle it by channeling my inner Charlie Kelly. Hit play below or search for Hyperliterature Presents… in iTunes or Google Play Podcasts.

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A Roach’s Tale

New podcast is up, and this one contains a couple of stories from my high school years. You can find it in iTunes and Google Play.

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Black Days

The news of Chris Cornell’s death hit me pretty hard. I recorded a podcast with some of my thoughts. You can listen to the podcast in iTunes. You can also listen to the podcast in Google Play. Or you can just click the little “play” button down below. I hope you like it.

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Like Minded Lunatics

Big news to share. First and foremost, you can now find “When Wade Tried to Save the World,” and “The Adventures of Heroman: Season 1” in audiobook format in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Just hit the links below (If you buy from Amazon, you have to specifically choose the audio version. Don’t buy the print […]

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Heroman Cometh Next Week (Jan. 18th)

I’ve already updated “The Adventures of Heroman” Facebook page (please “like” our page if you haven’t already), but I wanted to make sure I have all my bases covered. Next Monday (1/18), we will release the first episode of “The Adventures of Heroman,” titled “The Nest of Honesty.” We’re going to release a new episode […]

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Heroman Cometh

Thanks to everyone who has liked “The Adventures of Heroman” Facebook page. I’ve gotten some great responses to the first teaser trailer, and don’t worry, we have more fun stuff coming in the next few months, but I promise not to spam the heck out of you. And if you haven’t seen it, and even […]

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Three Bad Brothers

Two years ago today we lost Adam “MCA” Yauch to cancer. His death hit me pretty hard. If I had to create a soundtrack of my youth, the Beastie Boys would feature quite prominently. I wrote a blog post after he passed, and since this is the two year anniversary of his death, I decided […]

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Ty Wolosin & David Barrow

In this episode of Hyperliterature Presents, I sit down with Ty Wolosin and David Barrow for an excellent conversation about local farming, farmer’s markets, and sustainable foods. You can listen to it below, or click here to download it at the iTunes store. We also discuss David’s new film Farm-City, State, which will be premiering in […]

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I, Biscuit

In this podcast, Hyperliterature Presents “I, Biscuit,” which is the audio version of a short story I wrote several months ago. You can download it from iTunes here. This short story was inspired by a couple of things. First, it’s obviously a play on Isaac Asimov’s classic I, Robot, and the story does make use of Asimov’s […]

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Tales from the GAM: Little Bucky Edition

In this podcast, Hyperliterature Presents Tales from the GAM Little Bucky Edition. Click here to download it from iTunes. During Tales from the GAM episodes I sit down with old friends, and we discuss what it was like growing up in Gholson and Aquilla, two small Texas towns. Returning this episode is Jason Olson, whom […]

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