Hey Fox News…Go Fuck Yourself

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Anyone familiar with this blog will know right off the bat that I’m a vicious proponent of liberty. I view defending my, and your, personal liberty and right to privacy as a sacred duty, and I will stand guard against the tyranny of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, and damn-near any other -ism that pokes its nose […]

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U.S. Television Sucks

Why, oh why, can’t our T.V. be as cool as the U.K.’s?

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Entropic Media

I’m a big fan of the ongoing writers’ strike. First off, it’s entertaining to see Elaine in the picket line, wearing a crappy pair of sweats and a sucking on a bottle of water. I also love the notion of Jay Leno delivering donuts to the strikers on his big, stupid Harley, like some kind […]

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Transform and Roll Out

In August of 1986, my mother took me and my cousin, Brad, to see Transformers: The Movie. I’d already seen what I considered to be some pretty amazing movies by that time in my life. I’d seen the Star Wars movies, Ghostbusters, Superman I and II, and Back to the Future (Hey, leave me alone. […]

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Now That’s Entertainment!

I need to watch The View more often. Hasselbeck’s probably pretty quick, and I’m sure she can stick and move pretty well, but I bet Rosie would take her down.

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Chaucerian Frauds

Watching Christopher Hitchens eulogize Jerry Falwell is like watching Godzilla sightsee in Tokyo.

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Why I Love Scrubs #143

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Bill Donahue, Chocolate Jesus, and Eddie Izzard

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure that by this point you’ve heard about “Chocolate Jesus.” And yes, “Chocolate Jesus” is different than “Muddy Jesus.” This is “Muddy Jesus”: And this is “Chocolate Jesus.” Artist Cosmo Cavallaro sculpted a crucified Jesus Christ out of 200 pounds of delicious milk chocolate, and the Lab […]

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Keith Richards Makes For Good Stories

On Tuesday the Associated Press ran a story they cribbed from the British magazine NME about Keith Richards. The story claimed that Richards, during a particularly debauched drug-binge, mixed up the ashes of his dead father with some cocaine and snorted his dad. They quoted Richards as saying, “‘He was cremated and I couldn’t resist […]

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