Wanted for Rape: Prince Charming

Tracy Clark-Flory has written an interesting article over at In the article, Clark-Flory contemplates the difference between women reading/watching romance and men watching pornography (Yes, I know that porn is not the exclusive domain of men. However, romance novels, by and large, are consumed by women.) Clark-Flory comes to the exact same conclusion that […]

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Tranny Revenge

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that I’m apparently not appropriately masculine. In hindsight, I’ve probably possessed this deficiency for quite some time, but the release of Bay’s “movie,” “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” has made my lack of testosterone blatantly obvious. I feel I should elaborate: I thought the first “Transformers” […]

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My mother always says she thinks I have a warped sense of humor. I prefer to think of it as a perfected sense of humor. I love witty humor and clever humor, subversive and ironic, satirical and parody. But my favorite kind of humor? Gotta go with juvenile. There’s just something about a good fart […]

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Entropic Media

I’m a big fan of the ongoing writers’ strike. First off, it’s entertaining to see Elaine in the picket line, wearing a crappy pair of sweats and a sucking on a bottle of water. I also love the notion of Jay Leno delivering donuts to the strikers on his big, stupid Harley, like some kind […]

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Relating The Ways Of The Intolerant To My Readers

Just as a short preface to this post, I think I should mention that I’ve edited and rewritten part of this several times since I first mentioned the topic. First off, I’ve been busy, and I simply haven’t had the motivation nor the mental strength to post. Secondly, at Halloween a reader of this blog, […]

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Preparing Soapbox

I’ve received several indigent e-mail forwards about the new film “The Golden Compass,” each of which call for a boycott of the film. I’ve never read the books on which the film is based, but apparently the author, Philip Pullman, is an atheist, and an atheistic ideology informs the plot of the books. Incidentally, the […]

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Transform and Roll Out

In August of 1986, my mother took me and my cousin, Brad, to see Transformers: The Movie. I’d already seen what I considered to be some pretty amazing movies by that time in my life. I’d seen the Star Wars movies, Ghostbusters, Superman I and II, and Back to the Future (Hey, leave me alone. […]

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Eddie Izzard Is The Dog’s Bollocks

We saw “Ocean’s Thirteen” today. It was far better than “Twelve,” but not near as good as “Eleven.” The two redeeming qualities of “Thirteen” were the return to Las Vegas, and the additional screen-time for Eddie Izzard. For my money, you just can’t have enough Eddie Izzard.

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The Ikea Nesting Instinct Rears Its Ugly Head

We’re closing on a house tomorrow, and suddenly, to my abject horror, I realize that I’ve inexplicably morphed into Jack’s Tragic Devotion to Corporate Sponsored Materialism.

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In regards to the symbolism in the film “Pan’s Labyrinth,” director Guillermo del Toro states during his commentary track on the DVD that, “Symbols cannot be closed to a single meaning, because if so the symbol becomes a cypher, and the tale become an equation of exact value.” del Toro means that symbols are subject […]

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