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I’ve received several indigent e-mail forwards about the new film “The Golden Compass,” each of which call for a boycott of the film. I’ve never read the books on which the film is based, but apparently the author, Philip Pullman, is an atheist, and an atheistic ideology informs the plot of the books.

Incidentally, the judges of the Carnegie Medal called The Golden Compass “one of the ten most important children’s novels of the past 70 years.”

I’ll be ranting about this boycott later tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing Soapbox

  1. Burn ’em at the stake! Damn atheists and writers! Bod save our children from ideas!

  2. Umm, I meant GOD save our children. Oops.

  3. I didn’t care for the book much, I just thought it clunky and, umm, a bit heavy-handed and boring. I didn’t even notice god or lack thereof in the book. Perhaps it becomes more apparent in the next book? Dunno. Idiots are probably gonna start book-burnings — any idea what the backlash of Dumbledore being gay had from the right-wingnuts?

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