Why I Love Scrubs #143

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8 thoughts on “Why I Love Scrubs #143

  1. I love Scrubs too! That was just inspired.

  2. Flood

    No wonder Leigh worries!

  3. That whole episode was really fun, but that song in particular was awesome.

    Well, she needn’t worry. You’ve never had to perform a gall bladder surgery on me, so we’re alright.

  4. Flood

    Well, do you remember the time that you woke up in the tube of ice had the number to the hospital taped to your forehead….

  5. Flood

    Sorry buddy, but those kidneys go for a lot on the market. BTW how do you feel about your liver?

  6. leigh

    #1: it was the appendix, which is the other unnecessary organ; #2: a tube of ice or a TUB of ice?!?!; #3: amy and i know you both are “kinda” gay, which is like being a “little” retarded…

  7. Flood

    Somebody seems a little cranky. Really, why do the facts really matter, ’cause everything written has the ring of truthiness to it! And I have ordered Mark to fix my grmmatcial/sellpnig msitkaes so back off (he leaves them there just to make me look like a moran).

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