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Watch Him As He Goes

So I was trying to think of something to write about the economy when I came across this article . I immediately archived my economy draft because this story is much, much more interesting. A Florida teenager was recently suspended from riding the school bus because he farted to make his bus-mates laugh, and his […]

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Anyone familiar with this blog will know right off the bat that I’m a vicious proponent of liberty. I view defending my, and your, personal liberty and right to privacy as a sacred duty, and I will stand guard against the tyranny of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, and damn-near any other -ism that pokes its nose […]

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Top O’ The Morning To Ya

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, the greatest drinking holiday of the year, I’d like to discuss inhibitions for a bit. I’m sure most, if not all of us, have either heard or used the phrase “alcohol lowers your inhibitions.” This phrase is common to the point of cliche, but like most cliches, euphemisms, and […]

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I realize I’m a day late in posting my final thoughts on our trip. I’m probably a dollar short, too. Better late than never, I suppose. I have no idea why I just used two idioms in the span of three sentences. Probably boatlag. Okay. Cruise. Final thoughts. Leigh and I thoroughly enjoyed our cruise, […]

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Last Day Blues

Today was our last day of the cruise. We should arrive in Galveston sometime tomorrow morning around 6:30, and hopefully we’ll be able to get off the ship and through customs before 8:00AM. I’ll post final thoughts about the cruise tomorrow night. To be concluded…

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Tulum And More Dumbass Americans

Still cruisin’, but we only have one more full day at sea. We dock at Galveston on Sunday. This will be a relatively short post because I haven’t showered yet, we have dinner in an hour, and frankly, I’m freaking exhausted. We arrived at Cozumel this morning around 9:30. Leigh and I had booked an […]

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Grand Cayman and Dumbass Americans

Still cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’. We spent all day yesterday in Jamaica, and we arrived at Grand Cayman this morning around seven o’clock. Since a coral reef surrounds the Grand Cayman Island, large cruise ships cannot dock at the port. We dropped anchor in the middle of the bay, approximately half a mile from the dock, […]

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Jamaica Mon

I realize I didn’t post last night. We were slightly dazed all day and all night because of the art auction. I wrote in the last post that I wasn’t going to drink, since I was scared I might get a little bid-happy if I imbibed during the auction. In hindsight, maybe I should have […]

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Burned Feet and Hairy Backs

This will be a short post because it’s almost one o’clock as I’m typing this, and I’m debilitatingly groggy. Too much sun””too much wine. Mark needs sleepy time. I believe I made mention in the last post of a hairy, middle-eastern man who was shedding in the swimming pools. Well, this afternoon Carnival held a […]

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Bon Voyage

This afternoon at 4:00, Leigh and I departed from Galveston, Texas on the Carnival cruise ship The Conquest. As I’m writing this, we’re in the Gulf of Mexico, several hundred miles from Galveston. On Wednesday, we’ll make a stop in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This is our first cruise, and it’s a little odd. Neither of […]

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