Buy John Kerry’s iPod

From the Information Policy Action Committee’s ebay description page:

Well, the one he was supposed to get, anyway. In 2006, the Information Policy Action Committee (IPac) launched a campaign to educate lawmakers — the people who make rules about the Internet and think it’s made from a “series of tubes” — about technology and copyright. To get their attention, we asked our supporters to help us buy video iPods for key Senators, which we then loaded with public domain and Creative Commons-licensed material. Despite the legality of the contribution, some Senators declined the iPod. One of those Senators was former presidential candidate John Kerry, who accepted $3,633,392 from the entertainment industry during his presidential campaign.

But if Senator Kerry doesn’t want it, we know that somebody on the Internets does. So we’re auctioning this little piece of copyright history, and we’ll use the funds to push for balanced information policy in future elections.

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