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Stack ‘O Lee

For the upcoming movie “Black Snake Moan,” Samuel L. Jackson, in addition to acting, contributed four songs to the soundtrack. In the film, Jackson portrays an aging blues singer that takes it upon himself to rehabilitate a promiscuous young lady, played by Christina Ricci. And by “rehabilitating,” I mean he ties a tow-chain around her […]

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links for 2007-02-27

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.3- via YouTube Beautiful. You missed Caturday. But go here to catch up. WARNING: Do not read this I’m serious. Okay, if you’re gonna, just make sure you aren’t eating. I won’t buy you new keyboard after you puke on your old one.

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Cameron’s Discovery; Or, Socratic Blogging

On March 4th the Discovery channel will premiere James Cameron’s new documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” Purportedly, James Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, provide textual and DNA evidence that Jesus’ tomb not only exists, but that his bones are in it, which definitely throws a kink in the whole ascending to Heaven thing. […]

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We’ll be discussing this article Monday night. Study up.

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links for 2007-02-23

WWGWBD? This is the most linear flowchart I’ve ever seen. Drunken Jedi Fight If there’s one thing you don’t want at your frat party, it’s two drunken assholes engaged in a lightsaber fight. Oh, and I’ve always wanted hear a Storm Trooper tell someone to “shut the fuck up.” I have no idea why, but […]

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Friday Is My Funday

What do you get when you mix “Apocalypse Now” and the “B-17 Flying Fortress” short from Heavy Metal? And then you throw in a little Robot Chicken for good measure? You get “Cong of the Dead.” Well, I’d go see it. Video compliments of Mark W.

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Ad Nauseum

The Tennessee tourism department recently hired a Memphis marketing firm to develop an ad campaign to highlight Tennessee’s mountain bike trails in an attempt to attract prospective tourists. The firm, Chandler Ehlirch, came up with a brochure and a magazine ad, the latter of which appeared in this month’s issue of “Outside.” Here’s the ad […]

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links for 2007-02-20

Reporter Gets Hurt…You Laugh Hysterically Nothing’s funnier than a stupid reporter getting injured. Bonus points if there’s a 4-wheeler involved.

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We’re Doomed

According to this article, Larry Page, Google co-founder, announced at the Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference that Google is actively pursuing AI (artificial intelligence for all you non-nerds). Not only are they developing AI, but according to Larry they’re trying to develop AI on “a large scale.” Short version: We’re screwed. […]

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links for 2007-02-19

Science and Faith flowcharts The faith one is so much easier. I don’t have time for all that other shit.

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