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Downloading As Disobedience

I’ve blogged about downloading movies before, but I just read this article, which claims that over 25 million people have illegally downloaded a full-length movie, and I was moved once again to discuss the subject. The study quoted in that article also claims that “a downloader typically has 16 full-length movies on his PC.” I […]

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links for 2007-01-30

Kevin Federline Superbowl Commercial Leaked Maybe he’s not such a douchebag after all. Well, okay, he’s still a major douchebag, but just a little bit less of one now. It’s a series of tubes I’m not sure if this meme will ever get old.

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How To Download Torrent Files

How-to use torrent sites. Right. Okay, first off, I’m not telling you this so you can download the newest Shakira CD. In fact, if you listen to Shakira I’m going to have to ask you to leave immediately. Seriously, go somewhere else. No, I’m telling you how to use torrent sites because 1) There are […]

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Coming Soon…

I didn’t have time this weekend to write up my how-to on torrents. Expect that later this evening.

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links for 2007-01-27

It’s Caturday! It’s Caturday over at the Fark forums. Trust me, you want to see these pictures. The one with Picard almost made me spit out my milk.

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Superheros For All Viewers

I don’t know why television studios aren’t embracing file sharing on the internet. It seems to me that they’d benefit from allowing viewers to catch up on their shows, especially the serial television shows that are extremely self-referential. Case in point, I’d been hearing all about NBC’s “Heroes,” all over the internets; I knew it […]

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YouTube is experiencing downtime, whatever the hell that means. They’ve been experiencing it since last night. Normally I wouldn’t give a damn, but since I have several YouTube videos embedded on the page it looks kinda jacked up. Sorry about that. Not my fault.

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links for 2007-01-24

DVD Rewinder- only $16.49 I added this to my shopping cart, but I’ll wait to buy it to avoid shipping charges. I know the Jeep will need blinker fluid in a few weeks so I’ll order it then. Thank GOD! These may very well change the life of millions of unhappy wives.

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Blu Ray Is All Limp

Two weeks ago I wrote a post called “HD-DVD And Blu Ray””DOA.” I recommended that you hold off in investing in either format based on the assumption that storing data on a disk is a paradigm that is rapidly coming to an end. But, if you absolutely must buy one of the two you need […]

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He Went And Did A Silly Thing

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