The Web-head Made My Head Hurt

We finally got to see “Spider-Man 3” tonight. It was okay…I mean, it wasn’t great. If you only have time to see one movie this week then I’d probably recommend going to see “Hot Fuzz” and waiting for Spidey on DVD. I should probably say that I really liked, nay loved, part one and two. […]

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Superheros For All Viewers

I don’t know why television studios aren’t embracing file sharing on the internet. It seems to me that they’d benefit from allowing viewers to catch up on their shows, especially the serial television shows that are extremely self-referential. Case in point, I’d been hearing all about NBC’s “Heroes,” all over the internets; I knew it […]

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Because I Could Not Stop For Death, He Kindly Stopped For Me…

Last night while flipping through channels I stumbled upon “Crow: City of Angels.” After I realized it wasn’t the original, but before I flipped over to the Food Network, I was reminded of the disappointment I originally felt upon seeing it in the theater in 1996. What a complete waste of celluloid. In spite of […]

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