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First let me say that Venice is absolutely beautiful…but:

1)They have no internet here. We are in a bookstore where we have paid three euro to use the net for half an hour. And this damn keyboard is configured all funny so I make a mistake every time I reach for the shift key or the apostrophe. It is infuriating.

2)Getting here was a bitch. We had directions that were far too vague so we ended up wandering around Venice at midnight, looking for the section of town we believed we were to be staying in. I will spare you the details but we did not get into our room until damn near one in the morning.

3)There is no internet here. Did I mention that already? And it took some searching to find that last question mark, because it is on the key right next to the number zero.

Needless to say I probably wont (no apostrophe, sorry) blog until Monday night. And if I do I will definitely not post any pictures, because I have no way of getting them from the laptop to this stupid workstation that has no USB port (while editing this Leigh found a USB port) or CD drive or even a floppy drive.

But the town is beautiful. We bought some gorgeous paintings and have had the best cup of cappuccino ever.

Ciao, see ya Monday (hopefully).

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2 thoughts on “Venice Post

  1. Yeah, Venice is still in the Renaissance, forgot to tell you abt the internet thing. In Florence, there’s a net cafe if you cross the Ponte Vecchio to the south side of town and take the street on the right there and go abt 3 blocks, should be on your right. Forget whether they have USB ports or not. With any luck, your hotel will have wireless access. Hope you enjoyed your time in Venice otherwise 🙂


  2. We did find this little bookstore that has internet, but like I said in the post, the keyboard really stinks.

    We are supposed to have internet in Florence at the hotel. If not we will go to the cafe you mentioned. Thanks again for your post on Florence.

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