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Get Off Your Ass

I didn’t expect to post anything today because I wanted to get the site done. Ted Stevens decided to fuck that up too. I’ve posted on internet neutrality before so I’m not gonna explain the concept again; expect to say that you want net neutrality. Otherwise AT&T, Verizon, et al, will institute “tiered access,” and […]

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Buncha Savages

Since my link dump thingy isn’t working I’ll have to post this link here. For all our braggadocio we’re still a bunch of freaking animals aren’t we?

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It’s Coming…

I’m bleary-eyed from working on the new blog. I’m certain it will come to no surprise to any of you who know me that the ready-made templates over at WordPress just didn’t do it for me. Hopefully you’ll like what I’ve done with the new site. I’m a little uncertain about the pixel size of […]

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I’ve been working on the new site so I didn’t actually write anything tonight. My bad. Hopefully the new site will be up and running by Sunday night or Monday morning and we’ll never have to deal with Blogger again.

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Superman Returns: The Long Review (No Spoilers)

Usually after we watch a movie I try to write up some kind of review before I begin reading the critics’ articles. I want to make sure no one else influences my opinions, but after we saw “Superman Returns” I just had to see what other people had written. Frankly, their opinions have surprised me. […]

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The (short) Superman Review: Damn. Go see that movie. Right now. I’ll post a more comprehensive review later tonight, but by all means go see it without reading my jibber-jabber. Not kidding. Go.

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The Man Of Today

What is three decades old, covered in a cold sweat, and squeals like a four year old girl? Me, in about two hours in the theater when I hear that big John Williams score in Dolby Digital while watching the new “Superman” flick. I’ll have a review up at the end of the day. Oh, […]

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Technical Difficulties

Yeah, I realize my Daily Link Dump was late and that it also looks awful. Sorry. Blogger sucks. I’m in the process changing hosts. Bear with me.

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Daily Links

Dust Art- via Austin American-Statesman Much better than the tired old “Wash Me.” He-Man Vs The Big Lebowski- via YouTube At least this isn’t another one of those mashups that make He-Man and Duncan look gay. Just in case you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski there’s an awful lot of swearing, so if you’re at […]

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Global Warming? Sounds Like Fun To Me!

I’m sure you’ve heard about Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth?” If not, it’s a documentary about the impact of global warming on our environment. Recently the Associated Press contacted 100 scientists and asked them their opinion on the film and they overwhelmingly agreed that Gore did a very good job presenting the scientific facts […]

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