The Freakin’ FCC

I’m sick and tired of the FCC haphazardly and indiscriminately regulating our television programs. We don’t even get to elect the puritanical nit-wits who censor our favorite shows. Do you even know how the FCC investigates claims of indecency? They only begin an investigation if someone writes a piece of snail mail, not email, to complain about a particular broadcast. And it only takes one letter from some middle-American tight-ass who got offended by the word “asshat” to start an investigation.

You know who uses snail mail nowadays? Grandmothers and the Amish, and I don’t want either of those groups determining what’s decent and what’s not. We need to follow suit with England, where after a certain time in the evening they allow more mature themed shows to air. You know why they do that? Because the folks at the BBC assume that parents have the mental capacity to change the freakin’ channel if they don’t like what they see on the telly. They also imagine that children too young to view adult material will have been put to bed by their responsible parents, instead of left up all night in front of the boob-tube to do whatever the hell they want.

Americans don’t know what the phrase “personal responsibility” means. You don’t want your child to see a certain show? Use the V-chip or the parental block feature on your television; every cable and satellite box since the 80’s has one. Or I know this is a novel idea, but perhaps you could try a little responsible parenting as well. Maybe if you explained about breasts and penises in an intelligent manner to your child then you wouldn’t have to follow them around worrying about when, not if, they’ll see a naked body part and have a sexual meltdown.

Enough with my rant”¦watch Peter, Lois, Bryan, Stewie, Meg, and Chris from “The Family Guy” perform a musical number about the FCC. It’s freakin’ sweet:

Click here to download the clip.

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  1. Ban the FCC!

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