Son, Don’t Let the Media Get You / Do What They Done To Me

I’m so relieved Katrina didn’t decimate New Orleans as the media had led us to believe it inevitably would. The destruction was bad, but not as bad as the media outlets had predicted. My wife has family who live near New Orleans, so it was a relief to learn the hurricane weakened when it hit land. This msn article nicely captures the indomitable spirit of the Creoles and Cajuns who live down there. My heart goes out to those who must deal with the devastation.

I actually saw a story which claimed New Orleans was going to be the next Atlantis. Ugh. The media has officially become worthless in my eyes. They are a bunch of sensationalists who only care about ratings, journalism be damned. They specialize in scaring the shit out of the viewers to make sure no one changes the channel, and then to add insult to injury they rarely have any actual information to pass along. Just loads of speculation and hyperbole, coupled with a bunch of jackasses running around in goofy lookin’ ponchos.

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One thought on “Son, Don’t Let the Media Get You / Do What They Done To Me

  1. leigh

    those aren’t ponchos…

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