A Quick Thought Then Back to Work

The computer has been broken, my wife is in Galveston, and the material I need to read for Tuesday hasn’t even been bound yet. Not a good week. Yet, in light of the national disaster, my problems are practically non-existent.

Am I the only one that finds it extremely disturbing that our society is only one disaster away from a war zone? We’re trying to force democracy on a country and show them the way to “civil government”, yet our citizens begin whipping out the pistols the moment the P.D. closes down. How embarrassing.

The S.A. Express led with the headline “Our Tsunami” today. Can we not mourn in our own distinctive way? Do we need to appropriate the disasters of other countries instead of internalizing and dealing with our own? Disregarding the disproportionate misrepresentation of the loss of life that headline connotes (220,000 dead, and that was just in Indonesia), the people living around the Indian Ocean didn’t start shooting their neighbors and looting the local Wal-Mart as soon as the Tsunami waters receded. Two days after Katrina hit New Orleans one of the most immediate issues the city faces is the presence of looters and out of control gang members. To quote the immortal Yakov Smirnoff, “Whatta Country!”

I guess a national disaster was all we needed to clearly delineate the line between the have’s, the have more’s, and the have not’s.

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One thought on “A Quick Thought Then Back to Work

  1. leigh

    no one wants your “who farted?” hat, sir. we’ll buy you a new one at the fair.

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