Weekend Leftovers

As regular readers to this blog know, every so often I go through my bookmark tab and pass along links that aren’t interesting enough to warrant a post on their own, but are interesting nonetheless. These links we call leftovers”¦get’em while they’re hot:

First one’s a video clip: Watch as Jon Stewart eviscerates Christopher Hitchens during his Daily Show appearance.

I’m only posting this article because I love the sentence “The ninja got away with the victim’s wallet and a change jar. The wallet was later found on a nearby jogging path.”

Go here for a forum wherein users post their best abstract photographs. There’s some really beautiful work in that forum.

This link will take you to an article titled “Computer Stupidities” which has many short anecdotes about dealing with the computer inept. I very much empathize with the frustrated techs in that article. When I was in tech school we had a guy that was always bragging about how good he was with computers, and how smart he was, and blah blah blah. One afternoon he left his bag in the lab we were all working in, and we viewed that as an opportunity. We got out his notebook where he kept all his 3 ½ in. floppies, and we pushed the write-protect tab down on all of them. I should probably explain: with the write-protect enabled the only thing you can do is view the files on the disk. If you try to write to the disk in any way, the computer will give you an error message. Mr. Computer Genius thought all his disk had went bad and he threw them away. There had to have been over 50 disks in that notebook. We also put a virus on his computer. This was during the days of command prompts, so instead of a desktop you saw this C:\> and you had to type in commands. The virus mimicked the command prompt and would spit out whatever information you typed in backwards onto the screen. So, if you typed “C:\> cd dos” the computer would spit out “C:\> sod dc” We also disabled the CTRL X and CTRL BRK and we put the virus in his bootup so it loaded every time the computer was turned on. Man, I sure miss MS-DOS.

Ten Precepts from the Art of War That Never Made it Past Sun Tzu’s Editor.

If you’ve ever sat up late and wondered what the Harry Potter series would look like had T.S. Eliot written it”¦well, wonder no longer.

I would just like to repeat that in general people are really stupid.

Crazy Dog.

I don’t listen to terrestrial radio anymore thanks to XM, but sometimes I miss the beer commercials. This explains why I was so happy when I found this blog, which has online every Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” commercial that ever aired.

A brief quote from an excellent article: “The history of science is a history of unhappy people reluctantly changing their minds…The intelligent design people have never suffered such a crisis. They have never changed their minds based on new evidence. That’s because they started with the desired results and worked backward.”

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