London: Tales of the Jet-lagged Giant

We made the flight over here to London without any significant problems. But here’s a little tip: if you’re six feet tall you’re not folding yourself up into a small enough shape to lie down across two airplane seats, so stop tryin’. And I don’t care how flexible you think you are, it ain’ happening.

We went to Covent Gardens yesterday and had lunch, but unfortunately the flight had left me so jet-lagged and punch-drunk that I only remember getting stuck in a doorway at the sandwich shop. Let’s just say that I don’t think the builders of the hobbit-sized doorframe intended backpack clad yanks entering or leaving the building.

In fact, all the doorways here seem to have been made with really small people in mind. I barely even fit through the doorway of our hotel room for goodness sake. Until this trip I always thought Gulliver had a good thing going in Lilliput, but now I’m not so sure.

We’re headed out to Westminster Abby today. Expect a large post with plenty of pictures tonight (well, night over here). Oh, and you’ve actually got a link dump headed your way today. You’re welcome.

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