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5 thoughts on “114461755590734083

  1. Anonymous

    I hate it when you leave obscure references that I don’t understand!


  2. You’re one of the two people who I thought would get that. COM’ON!

  3. Anonymous

    So I’m about to post but I am unsure which direction to take. I got the reference. the Bluest Eyes-Morrison, right. But I am not sure you picked up on the sarcasm. Or are you continuing the joke? Not sure. It is hard to pick up the tone of the passage in 14 words though.


  4. Ummm. Yes. I was continuing the joke. I’m not an idiot.

  5. Anonymous

    Well I wasn’t sure; remember provision 1 of Flood’s law. Men are stupid.

    I am a man therefore I am stupid. Decarte (spelling?) was about to say it, but didn’t have genitals to go all the way.

    I will from this point on always give you the benefit of the doubt.


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