links for 2006-04-11

  • If you didn’t think Pat was kooky as hell before you read this, then you have something wrong with you and nothing I say will change your mind. But this does add to the general kookiness.
  • At least Cage is playing Johnny Blaze and not that pansy Danny Ketch. For me the series ended when Blaze trapped Zarathos in the Crystal of Souls and…umm…heh…geez that sounds really nerdy, huh?
  • “How else could anyone account for the charges facing a trio of Somerset County teens who are facing misdemeanor charges for trying to convert Christians into Satanists?” I’m all for religious freedom, but com’on…teenagers suck.
  • These are all registry hacks that allow you to customize XP. If you don’t know what the registry is or you’re my mother you should not try any of these. Everyone else should be fine.
  • Everyone else can watch it too, but be forwarned: It has two guys rolling around on the ground together and one of them has his shirt off. Oh, and that popping sound? Well, that’s an arm breaking. Not for the weak of heart.
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