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There’s a couple of movies I’m really excited about seeing. The first one is Terry Gilliam’s new film Brothers Grimm. Check out the trailer for it here.

The other is The Aristocrats which is co-directed by Penn Jillette (he’s the big talking one of Penn and Teller). Go and watch the trailer here. In the movie 100 comics tell their own version of a very, very dirty joke. Supposedly, this joke has been around since the days of vaudville, but is never told to audiences; comics tell it to other comics. The beginning and the end of the joke is always the same, but the comic is left to fill in the middle. The object is to be as profane and obscene as possbile during the middle section of the joke.

So far the closest theater that will be carrying it is in Austin. I guess we’ll be taking a little road trip when that one comes out.

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