You Call That a Title?

Over at, Michael Ventre writes a column titled “Can’t Miss,” where each week he highlights a movie, a television show, a musical artist, a DVD, and a book. This week Mr. Ventre choose to highlight the book Why Do Men Have Nipples? The premise of the book is that the authors ask and answer questions that most of us are too embarrassed to pursue. Seems like an interesting enough subject for a book.
Mr. Ventre’s absolutely enamored with the shock value of the title, and his adoration for the shocking title got me reminiscing a bit. When I worked in a bookstore there was one book I always made sure we had, because I loved the comments made by patrons when they stumbled upon it…oh what was it…oh yeah, now I remember:
And yes that’s a real book. Click on it and you can buy it at amazon.

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