Little Girl From Cherry Lane, How Did You Get So Bold?

The internet is a funny thing. You read a story and follow links that are contained within, and before you know it you’ve discovered something you’d only vaguely heard about. Well, that kinda happened to me tonight. I’d heard that girls were going wild all over America, but I had no idea teachers were included in that group of females. Turns out female teachers are as libidinous as their male counterparts. Let’s meet a few shall we?

First up is the one that led me on my search, everyone say hello to:
Sandra Geisel

Mrs. Geisel was, notice the past tense there, a teacher at a Catholic High School. Not only did she have sex with several students in the press box of the school stadium, she also gave students HJ’s on the bus.

Next up is:
Debra Lafave

Mrs. Lafave was at least monogamous, as compared to Mrs. Geisel. She maintained an exclusive sexual relationship with a 14 year old student.

Next on the post of shame is:
Pamela Joan Turner

Mrs. Turner was the gym teacher at Centertown Elementary School in Tennessee. She has been charged with 13 counts of statutory rape and 15 counts of sexual battery for encounters with a 13 year old child.

Then we have:
Morgan Brown

She had a relationship with two boys in her school. One of the boys was seventeen, which is the age of consent, so apparently their relationship wasn’t illegal.

Russell Jennings must be very proud of his wife:
Amber Jennings

Not only was she having a sexual relationship with one of her students, she was also supplying him porn, virtually assuring his view of sexuality will never match that of reality.

By no means does this represent all the cases of female teachers engaging in illicit sexual acts with students. Just go to google or The Smoking Gun and search for teachers having sex with students and I guarantee you’ll be horrified at all the links that come up, especially because many of them are female teacher seducing their male students.

What’s this all mean? Don’t ask me, I’m an English grad student not a psychologist or a sociologist. I will offer this though: For all of the indoctrination and stereotyping that has been occurring for centuries, females are just as libidinous as men. (Remember, in the middle ages females were thought to be much more overtly sexual than men) Could these females be acting out in situations where they are allowed to be the sexual aggressor? Perhaps these “relationships” are comforting because the woman can be overly sexual and their “partners” accept their behavior instead of chastising them for being “slutty.” Women have been told for so long that sex can wait and they should be chaste, all the while men are congratulated for their sexual prowess. Am I suggesting that these women were so sexually repressed that they seduced minors, thereby guaranteeing their “partners” years of therapy? Not really. I’m just making observations now.

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2 thoughts on “Little Girl From Cherry Lane, How Did You Get So Bold?

  1. Mike Alverez

    Sandra “Beth” Geisel what a go getter. Sandwiched a few three ways around a four way. That is energy and drive. Maybe right out of the Dark ages.

  2. I’ve been following the Geisel case since the story broke in June. I invite you and your readers to visit my blog for ALL the background information and more!

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