Administrative Announcements….and HARRY FREAKIN’ POTTER!

First things first: I’m postponing our reading of Oryx and Crake. I’ve been out of town and away from a computer, and one of our members hasn’t received the book yet, so we’ll begin on the 27th. That gives you time to try and convince at least two or three more people to join the group.

I’ll be back home today, but don’t expect a lot of posts until the middle of next week. The new Harry Potter comes out tonight but since I know I won’t get around to reading it until Monday, I’m not risking a trip to the ‘ole information superhighway without discovering the end of the book on my own. I narrowly avoided having the end of Half-Blooded Prince ruined by the internets two years ago, and I’m damn sure not going to have this one ruin by some jagoff who wants some attention. So I’m avoiding the tubes.

And let me say this to you potential ending-revealers: Not all Potter fans are bespeckled and acne-ridden nerds. You start screaming the end of the book while I’m in line at B&N and you’d better be prepared to run your jokester-ass as fast as you can. Because if you can’t, that little yuk-yuk will cost you a hospital visit.

Oh, and I know this book is supposed to be much darker than the previous ones, but I was shocked when I saw this publicity still for the new book (The smiley face wasn’t in the original. I wanted to spare you the shock of seeing Potter’s “wand” unsheathed):

Harry Equus Potter

Good gracious! I can only assume that during the ultimate fight with Voldemort Harry’s clothes get burned off by a particularly strong spell and he is forced to make the long journey back to Hogwarts via horse, because the shock of the duel caused him to forget how to apparate.

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17 thoughts on “Administrative Announcements….and HARRY FREAKIN’ POTTER!

  1. I’ll be reading HP nonstop the moment Amazon delivers it, so postponing MA works just fine. I’m thinking you are actually joking and know that’s a pub still for ‘Equus’, right? In my experience you know everything before I do 😛

  2. Yeah, I was thinking about our reading of Atwood’s novel interfering with the 7th Potter book. I think a postponing is not just a great idea, it is also a must.
    If you read the 7th HP, and Anniina as well – two-third of the reaading group is occupied by something else to read.
    It is just sensible to postpone it.
    I will also read the HP, but a bit later, when it comes out in Hungarian.

    Have started to read the Oryx and Crake, I’m on page 27, I’m reading it in English. So far, so good.

    I will post an announcement to join the reading group on my page later next week.
    I don’t have much of a crowd, though….

    I suggest Anniina repeat the announcement on her site as well.

  3. I’m glad you two are okay with the postponement. Szel, I’ll make sure I don’t post anything about the ending of HP. After my little ranting I’d hate to ruin it for someone else.

    Anniina– Equus? What is this “Equus” you speak of?

  4. Hello Mark, thanks for all.
    Please don’t shorten my name as it is a Hungarian name and has no meaning if cut into pieces. Thanks.
    And I also happen to know, via Anniina that yes, the actor behind Harry plays the protagonist in the theatrical play called Equus. As far as I know it has quite a sick story about a youg boy who find pleasure in mating with horses and than making them blind. I don’t think such a play should ever be written, but I am very conservative.

  5. Flood

    In HP7 GWB nukes the world to end the from the Islamist and Voldemortist thus leaving the world in the stewardship of the cockroaches. So if this ruins the read for anybody.

  6. Flood

    whoops, I left out a word. Just add “tough” at the end.

  7. Flood, no words as to attending in the reading group again, or not?
    Sorry Mark for asking Flood (him/her?*) instead of you. You probably know it, but I don’t. I think the bigger the better the reading group – isn’t it?

    *FYI= I am a ‘her’ myself.

  8. Flood

    I am in. I read a good bit into the book because I thought that I would be preoccupied with reading the Harry Potter books. Right now I am rereading in book 5. It is funny how excited I am about reading this book. I need some psych help.

    I am also glad that we are reading the Atwood book.

  9. Flood

    I also noticed that I left out another word in my first comment. The first line should read “In HP7 GWB nukes the world to end the threat from…”

    Sorry. I feel kinda dumb now.

  10. To Flood: wait, there are no islamists in the HP books are there?
    How come they into the book?

  11. See, if you’d said that Voldemort turns out to be Dick Cheney, then you might’ve made me a little anxious.

    I might actually start calling Cheney, “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

  12. Flood

    You forgot the hyphens

  13. Are there any islamists in the HP books or not?
    How come they into the book?
    Was it just a symbol?
    I’m sorry…to ask again.

  14. Flood

    Sorry, it just a juvenile joke.

  15. okay, that’s fine now.
    Thanks for answering.

  16. I did forget them. Dammit. I hate when I make a joke that I know is good, but then mess it up with something stupid. It’s like telling a really good joke then flubbing the punchline.

  17. Flood

    yeah, you suck.

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