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  • Embarrassed to be seen reading the new Harry Potter books? Afraid Potter will eliminate all your man-cred? Then these printable dust jackets are for you. Be warned: these things ooze masculinity, and may offend the less masculine of us.
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5 thoughts on “links for 2007-07-16

  1. OMG that’s just too funny!

  2. Heehee I noticed Alan Rickman in on of the fake covers.

    Re: Oryx and Crake. I went to the store today and have successfully ordered the book in English. It will be mine by 23 July. Hey Mark, I don’t know about the others, but could we possibly just postpone the first discussion like a week later? Say, the 27 July…?
    I know I asked to be left behind, but since, according to my knowledge, there are only 3 of us in the group, you might like to make a small adjustment…?

  3. harry-potter-for-prez

    ohmygod, did you catch how the female news anchor in the video grabbed the penis reduction book, saying how she was gonna need this? I don\’t think the other guy knew exactly what to say to that. Too funny!

    I am, by the way, printing one of these out to use at work. Probably not the penis reduction one, though. Maybe not the ass-rape one either, come to think of it.

  4. I’d print out the “Shaving You Balls With a Butcher Knife.” Can’t beat that one.

  5. Flood

    Amy said that you needed to get a job. Or maybe a harder job. She said something manual and where you might lose a hand or something. She also suggested the deadliest catch on discovery. Then she said that you could do some road crew work. One of the worker not the watchers, or worse the guy who holds the stop sign.

    Sorry. Although in the interest of full disclosure, she really just asked what you did all day. i of course gave her a minute by minute breakdown of your day.

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