A Writer’s Apprehension

writingEach day I check my statcounter and I’m continually shocked at the slow but steady increase of readers. It makes this whole blogging endeavor that much more satisfying when I see how many return visitors hit this page each day to read my nonsense, but underneath that satisfaction I also feel a bit apprehensive. With the steady influx of readers comes a greater responsibility on my part to entertain and inform, and sometimes, just sometimes, I just don’t feel up to the role.

Tonight I spent several hours working out how to install Zelda on my cell phone (I finally got it to work), and consequently I didn’t write up the post I had originally intended. When I finally sat down at the big computer where I normally write I felt drained, and instead of writing I just watched silly YouTube videos”¦and now I’m feeling guilty about my laziness.

Earlier this evening a friend and I discussed the beginnings of Hyperliterature, and that conversation got me wondering why I feel obligated to post every single night. Lots of bloggers only post several times a week. My palms get itchy if I go a day without posting any new material.

I like knowing that I touch people (clean up those thoughts you pervs), and with the blog I’m provided with instant gratification by way of comments and the statcoutner. I don’t have that crutch with my other writing. Also, with the blog format I’m not required to really organize my thoughts in any extended or intuitive manner. At most I’m writing five or six paragraphs, and that’s a walk in the park compared to working on a novel.

But in the back of my mind I know that many times I use this blog as the means to avoid having to work on that novel, because I realize that a day will come when its completion will force me to seek publication.

And don’t tell anyone, but I’m more than a little scared of that not too distant day.

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6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Apprehension

  1. Gay

    When you do get to the novel and finally finish it, I will be one of the first to want to read it. I am one of your newer readers but find myself coming to this site waiting for your next words. It is interesting and enjoyable reading. Even the links are entertaining. It must be alot of work to always post, but keep it up. And by the way, you are responsible now. ha ha!!
    Note: I typed 48wpm last night. Slow but my part in this is reading!!

  2. Why thank you Gay. I do appreciate it.

  3. Chris

    Boy, what would it be like if you were to, say, do a MOVIE??? Hmmm? If only you had, oh, a script written, and maybe, willing actors…. Whatever could you accomplish.

    Oh, and Gay, I completely discounted Mark’s obviously fictional *wink* typing of 101 wpm, for who could type THAT fast? and was very proud of my 39 wpm (I never trained to type, and still look down at the keyboard too often). I guess you got me beat!! Dang. I’m gonna go back and tes again. Dang competitive people!

  4. Flood

    I like it we you post, because I come to your page in hopes that there is something there that i can comment upon. i enjoy the opportunities you have provided for me to be serious, funny, irritating, and provocative. I like that I make comments and that I have used your blog to develop my own voice (and sometimes voices). I am sometimes disappointed that you haven’t written because that means that I won’t write anything that night either. That and you never return my calls, and what is that restraining order all about?

  5. Man, and here I was proud of my 65 wpm 🙁 ah well. Hey, how do you do that stat counter thingy? I don’t have any idea if more than 2 people visit my blog a day – I bet sometimes I get 5/day 😛 BTW, love the superdoggy pics of Ellie.

  6. Chris- Very subtle. You’re about as obtuse in your movie comments as Leigh. Ya’ll just don’t gang up on me…I wouldn’t make it.

    Flood- You know, the only reason I got the restraining order is because you’re so damn intimidating. It’s the beard. It scares me sometimes. And I’m glad I give you the opportunity to be serious, funny, and provocative, but I’m not sure if you need any more venues to be irritating. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I like to irritate you back, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to be the focus of your awesome power of irritation. Yasmine comes to mind”¦

    Anniina- Just chalk up my typing prowess to nerdiness. If I hadn’t spent so many years trying to figure out PASCAL and COBOL (which do me no good now) then I wouldn’t type this fast. And for the statcounter go here. You register with them and then add a little bit of code to your template and you’re in business.

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