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  1. Flood says:

    Your a closet Hasselhoff fan aren’t you. That or you don’t believe in the Geneva convention against torture! That was some vile crap! You might be banned and all the nice things I said in the last post no longer apply.

    In a side note: Nick Leshay’s (spelling I don’t give a flip) song make me want to say, “grow some nuts, no wonder your bitch left.” He has a line in it talking about a feeling under the skin and I was wopndering if he was talking about parasitic worms or something like that.

  2. hypermark says:

    I’m sorry. That was pretty vile. Especially the flying. For some reason a flying Hasselhoff frightens me more than WMD’s.

    And I had to google Nick–whatever the hell is name is–because I had no idea who you were talking about. Then I saw him and he’s the crotch stain in those Axe commercials and was married to Jessica Simpson. He’s famous for being famous.

  3. Flood says:

    I absolutely hate some thing’s about myself. I would recognize nickie’s song on the radio. I would recognize Paris Hilton’s song on the radio. I am really ashamed of myself for that. I feel like I have somehow betrayed my own humanity. And worst I see no avenue for redemption. I could add some names, but those are vile enough. And (I hate to admit it) sometimes I even like the stuff. I am sorry

  4. Chris says:

    Just say NO to the Hoff!! You’re a Hoff addict! Do I need to organize an intervention? An anti-brainwashing anti-cult therapy seminar? Don’t you know that when YOU do Hoff, we are all affected adversely? You hurting yourself with this Hoff hurts us too. Let us help you get off the Hoff, Mark.

  5. leigh says:

    in mark’s defense, i haven’t been home very much. so i guess he needed to fill the void and be comforted. however, i, too, am surprised by his choice of, dare i say fetish…

  6. Flood says:

    Hey leigh, there are parental locks on some internet provides. You might need to check into one

  7. hypermark says:

    That’s just not very brotherly of you.

  8. Flood says:

    Hey we are talking about an intervention here. Tough love buddy. Hug it out.

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