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A Whale’s Vagina

Right now I’m in San Diego with Leigh, who is attending a medial conference. I’ll be here until Sunday, and I hope to try and post some pictures and some anecdotes from our trip. My initial impression: the people here are too nice. Leigh arrived yesterday morning, and I arrived late last night. She picked […]

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Hypercooking-My Favorite Sandwich

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Small Town Values

  Preface: This post works best if you play Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Simple Kind of Man” while you’re reading it. There’s been a lot of talk during the silly-season of this election about “small town values,” but no one really ever stops to define what the hell those values are (probably because the folks who are […]

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Political Rhetoric- Examining Palin

Last night, the GOP presented its new star, Sarah Palin, to the world at the RNC. She delivered her speech with zeal and confidence, and I’m quite sure the McCain folks feel pretty damn good about her performance. I’m also pretty sure that after watching Palin, the “always-vote-Jesus” crowd might actually do something unthinkable come […]

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