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  1. Chris

    The Hell’s Angel pulled over before realizing he’d been shot in the chest. He later died. Damned bikers, just don’t know when to lay down and die.

    Yeah, and them Christians. Don’t want THOSE kind of people in their club. Don’t those Porn Stars know that God doesn’t love THEM? What kind of message would we be sending here if God loved EVERY body equally??

    By the way, the Simpson’s movie ad came out on the show last night. “I saw it first, nyah nyah nyah nyah!”
    (p.s. go Silent Bob!!! You’re so sexy! I’ll watch any movie with you in it. >wink

  2. The comment word verification is getting a bit ridiculous. But it’s better than letting the spammers on the page. I get all excited because I see I have 10 comments only to find out they’re all about penis enlargement and loan consolidation.

    When I read that article about the biker getting shot I immediately thought of the Black Knight. “‘Tis but a flesh wound!”

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