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3 thoughts on “114375356237454343

  1. surfer girl

    me personally, I would worry more about flying a “discount airline” than about wrong airports. At least he MADE the landing safely. Did you by chance check the name of the pilot scheduled to fly your plane?

    Thanks for the music videos. I accidentally said “Rad” the other day and got a really weird look from someone…… Totally rad, tubular, gnarly, bitchin’. (note the proper use of the apostophe, please…) The California girl in me comes out! Like, oh my GAW-awd! I am so SHURE!

  2. The 80s videos were okay, but I LOVE your Atari t-shirt!

  3. leigh

    well, i sure hope the pilot knows where we’re landing b/c you sure don’t…we are flying from london to venice…don’t worry, i’ll wake you when we get there. and yes, i mean, wake b/c i plan on slipping you something to make you drowsy.

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