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Today at a G8 summit luncheon someone left the President’s mic on, and during the meal the press overheard the president use the words “shit” and “damn.” The reactionsBush middle finger salute from the media and various pundits to this incident run the gamut from mild amusement to holy indignation. Read the CNN story here, and watch the video with the audio here.

I never bought into the president’s whole born-again dog-and-pony show to begin with, so it doesn’t surprise me that he has a potty mouth, but I love those little moments when his fervent supporters catch a glimpse of the man behind the curtain. At least he didn’t make any racist or xenophobic comments, but I certainly would have loved to hear him say the word “motherfucker” in that faux-Texas accent of his. And maybe it’s just me, but I would have thought that a Connecticut-born, prep-school attendee, and Yale graduate would have the manners to not smack or talk with his mouth full. Guess not.

In other news:Lurch Kerry

After Newt Gingrich decided to dub the crises in the Middle East “World War Three” many of the other conservative talking heads latched onto the term as well–which is fine with me. God knows they gotta come up with some kind of strategy for the mid-term elections, and as we’ve seen in the past, fear certainly brings out the voters. That, and democratic nominees who resemble Lurch.

I don’t particularly mind the term “Word War Three.” It really excites the fan of dystopian literature in me. But I do wonder if you can logically describe the goings-on in the Middle East and Korea as a world war. For a conflict to be identified as a world war wouldn’t there need to be two opposing sides battling it out on a grand scale? Allied versus Central; Axis versus Allied; Decepticons versus Autobots. If you have multiple factions all fighting different little wars that would seem to be a “world of wars” instead of a “world war,” wouldn’t you think? There’s too many rationalizations for the all the killing, as far as I’m concerned.atom bomb

Now, if we could somehow get Korea to align with China, and then they could bring in Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran to form one big coalition of the unscrupulous. Well, then we’d have the makings of a proper world war instead of the rubbish ingredients we have now. Plus, the countries that are fighting right now, aside from us, are simply fighting their neighbors. Neighbors, I might add, that have been fighting for hundreds of years. Nothing new is happening right now, it’s just that everyone’s fighting all at once. The situation reminds me of a massive bar-fight”¦but instead of a broken bottle we have the threat of nuclear weapons poised above our collective heads.

At least India and Pakistan haven’t started fighting over the Kashmiri Valley again. But give it time”¦I hear that’s on the schedule for next week.

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