links for 2006-07-17

  • And by breeching I mean jumping OUT OF THE WATER with a seal in its mouth. I ddn’t know Great Whites jumped out of the water. I knew they had rhythm and they had speed, but jumping out of the water?
  • Samuel, not Michael. He’s doing the New and Old Testament, and their ain’t a god…um, that’s probably not appropriate is it? Let me try again: Yes Adam and Eve deserved to die. And I hope they burn in HELL! There. That’s better.
  • “English majors become well-rounded, well-read individuals who have studied life in words across the globe.” BOO-YA! How ya like me NOW!
  • Joe Kernan reports that “Pirates of the Caribbean” beat out “Aquaman” for the number one highest grossing movie of all time. The problem? There is no “Aquaman” movie. The HBO show “Entourage” depicts a fake movie star making one, but it’s FAKE!
  • This cannot be legal. Watch’em while you can. The episodes “Bloody Mary” (pulled b/c of the Catholic League) and “Trapped in the Closet” (pulled b/c of Tom Cruise) are in season 9. “Cartoon Wars” (censored b/c of Muslims) is in Season 10.
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