We’re All Gonna Diiiiiieeeee!

For the past few days we’ve actually had some wintery weather here in San Antonio. In fact, tonight the temperature is supposed drop down below 30 degrees, and since it’s been raining all day, there’s a very good chance that when we wake up tomorrow everything will be all icy.

The cold front should be moving out by Thursday, and the possibility for icy weather right along with it.

If you were to have watched WOAI tonight, the local NBC affiliate, you’d have thought we were expecting a month long blizzard. The news team had one of their correspondents at the local HEB interviewing shoppers, and asking them asinine questions about whether or not they were “stocking up” for the impending weather.

I so wished I was at the HEB so they could have interviewed me. “Sir, what are you doing to prepare for the impending weather?”

“Huh? Me? Well, I’m going to go home and get out my ski clothes, because apparently we’ll be able to go skiing if your report is any indication of the weather tomorrow. Unless, of course, you’re being an exaggerating dickhead to simply get ratings.”

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7 thoughts on “We’re All Gonna Diiiiiieeeee!

  1. Did you start teaching? How’s the class? Oh, and counting days till Sunday – I can’t believe Starbuck got shot down. On the other hand, serves her right – I’m not liking her much right now.

  2. Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day back, but since it is so icy out the university shut down.

    I’m just waiting so see what Adama has hidden up his sleeve. Supposedly, we’re supposed to learn quite a bit about the five unknown Cylons by the end of this season, so I’m hoping we’ll learn a little more about them too.

  3. Hey, take note this season that every time Adama and Apollo have a “moving father-son moment”, they play this Irish turalura type song. It’s like “dudes, this is where you’re supposed to cry and miss your dad and think Adama is the best dude in the universe.” Or maybe they just played it once too many for a cynic like me 😛

  4. Who told you that I cry every time they do that? Because they’re frakking liars.

  5. Flood

    how do we have comments on BSG on a blog about the weather? There is something seriously wrong there! And what is the problem with tweeking peeps emotions. isn’t that the hallmark of our society? All emotion despite the logical or facts.

    btw heard a few interviews with various scientist who are worried that they might have oversold global warming, and were afraid that some of the extreme dire predictions might undermine their credibility.

  6. I think moving the “Doomsday Clock” up was a bit extreme. And who the hell came up with the name “Doomsday Clock” anyway? That sounds like a graphic novel title to me. Is that the run-up to the comic where Superman dies?

  7. It’s after the William the Conqueror’s ‘Domesday Boke’ I guess – although maybe they’re all Connie Willis fans.

    Oh, and the frakking liars told me to fess up I sometimes get verklempt too. Still pay attention to that music. Oh, and sorry about inappropriate BSG’ing on a non-BSG post. I promise it will happen again.

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