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CNBC has cancelled Dennis Miller’s show. Apparently, they believe that reruns of Conan O’Brian will draw more viewers.

Dennis was on fire when his Off-White album came out. Then his first CD of Rants was published. If you would have asked me in ’96 who I thought was the best stand-up working, I would have given you two names: Carlin, and Miller. He was edgy, he skewered both sides and he didn’t give a damn who he offended. I remember one of his rants talking about the lack of intelligence in the media. He said how much he enjoyed Jon Stewart’s show on ABC (yeah, it’s been a while) but he was sure it was Jon’s propensity for using words like “zeitgeist,” that ABC cancelled him.

Man he was good back then.

Then he left HBO and took the job with, uh, hell I can’t remember but the job was as a Sportscaster. Needless to say I lost interest. Then he got his show on CNBC and boy oh boy did it suck. And I don’t just say this because he was a supporter of George Bush or the war in Iraq. No, Dennis just got crappy as a comedian. On Leno just as we were entering the war he used the joke “I think we should go over there and kick ass and take hyphenated names.” I laughed. I thought it was clever. Then his special The Raw Feed came on HBO. He uses the joke again. Some time after that I turn his show on (nothing else was on, cut me some slack) and there he is using the same tired-ass joke.

Several weeks ago he was on The Daily Show and he used the joke again. It’s time to hire a writer Dennis. Or do another Tales From the Crypt movie.

Incidently, if you were to ask me the stand-up question today I would have a much larger list. At the top would be George Carlin and Lewis Black. Then Dave Attell, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Robert Schimmel, Stephen Lynch, Kathleen Madigan, Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, Ron White (yeah he’s a little overexposed, but his uncut stand-up is terrific).

There are actually a few more but I’m tired of linking sites. Most of the sites above are either ran by the comedian or they have a lot of creative input. Check’em out.

Ya know, I do remember one funny line that Dennis Miller used when he was the Sportscaster. A guy on the field took a hit and was flipped up into the air. Dennis described him as looking like “a Chinese acrobat with an inner ear infection.”

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